Exceptional Tutors provides a top quality one-on-one professional tutoring service to Primary, High school and University students in and around the Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria region.

Exceptional Tutors understands the importance of academic achievement and therefore it is of utmost importance to us that our tutors provide your children with the care, attention and support they need at all levels of their education.

Exceptional Tutors provides an at home service, whereby your children receive one-on-one tutoring lessons, allowing for the needed attention to problem areas.

All our tutors undergo a full screening process, including character screening which enables us to match the right tutor to your children’s academic and personal needs, all of our tutors have formal tutoring experience in the subject/s they tutor and are therefore able to understand the unique needs of your children.

Exceptional Tutor clients are provided with an initial assessment which allows the tutor to gain an understanding of your children’s problem areas as well as their unique learning needs and techniques. The initial assessment also offers the necessary peace of mind to parents, as this enables them to see how the tutor not only conducts their tutoring lessons, but also how they interact with their children. This initial assessment is provided free of charge prior to the family committing to and paying for tutoring lessons.




Exceptional Tutors will in most cases increase your child’s mark by 20% or more in 10 lessons or less.
Exceptional Tutors all have prior teaching experience and a minimum of a distinction in Matric level of the subject they are tutoring.
Exceptional Tutors provides a mobile tutoring service whereby our tutors come to you.
Exceptional Tutor will not only teach your child core subjects; they will also teach them vital study skills.
Exceptional Tutors have access the very best material possible.
Exceptional tutoring is very convenient and are extremely flexible with regards to days and hours needed.