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Welcome to Exceptional Tutors, we are a Tutor agency that specializes in finding and Placing one-on-one tutors that come to your home to assist with all learning from Primary school up to University level.

We have one of the largest databases of highly sought-after Tutors whereby we do all the sourcing and screening of the Tutors making sure you get the best for the students needs.

Once you have chosen the most suitable tutor from our selected candidates, we charge a once off placement fee whereby the hourly rates are drastically reduced and paid directly to the tutor not the agency bridging the gap between the tutor and the student.

Tutor Rates:
Primary School: R150/hour
High School: R170/hour
University: R200/hour
Fees are payable directly to the Tutor for completed lessons.

Agency Fee:
We charge a once-off placement fee of R3,500.00

Tutor services provided:
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Physics Tutor Fresnaye
Science Tutor Fresnaye
Accounting Tutor Fresnaye
Physical Science Tutor Fresnaye
Economics Tutor Fresnaye
Life Science Tutor Fresnaye
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We look forwarding to finding you the Perfect Tutor!

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